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What is ADHD?

ADD (Attention-Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) refer to the same neuro-developmental condition that consists of deficiencies in neuropsychological abilities related to either inattention, or hyperactive-impulsive symptoms, or a combination of both types of symptoms. There are far more cognitive and emotional regulation deficits linked to ADHD that hide behind these types of symptoms than their names imply.

Counseling (Coaching) Adults with ADHD

Counseling adults with ADHD is different from traditional talk therapy in that the therapist becomes more active and directive in helping the clients reorganize their lives. That's why I believe it feels more like "coaching." My approach may include offering concrete suggestions and practical tips on how to get organized, stay focused, make plans, keep to schedules, prioritize tasks, and deal with the chaos of everyday life. I work with clients to help create the necessary structure and accountability.

Treating Adults with ADHD

The treatment of ADHD varies significantly from person to person, lasting from a few sessions to a few years, depending on the severity and complexity of the situation. Sometimes the treatment consists of just making the diagnosis and providing psycho-education. Sometimes the treatment requires much patience and persistence. Sometimes the improvement is spectacular, and at other times it’s very slow and difficult to recognize.

The initial phase of ADHD treatment can be exciting because it involves the discovery of what it means, the insights that it brings, and the life transformations that come with it. However, the struggle usually does not end there for most people. The challenges come up daily, involving issues of organization, impulse control, or distractibility. Often the years of living with undiagnosed ADHD result in impaired self-image, depression, low self-esteem, fearfulness of others, mistrust of self, skittishness in relationships, and anger over the past. It can take a long time to heal these wounds.

Therapy Office


  • I am an ADHD Certified Clinical Service Provider who assess and diagnoses Adult ADHD.

  • I help clients understand how their brain works and make sense of their behavior.

  • I teach effective Attention-Management skills.

  • I address deeply-held shame, grief, self-esteem and other distress that can result from years of ADHD symptoms.

  • I empower clients to build an ADHD-friendly lifestyle.


ADHD: About Me
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