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Brainspotting is a powerful, precise, laser-like tool that can effectively locate, process and release memories of traumatic experiences.

Trauma affects the nervous system and is harmful to the brain, physical and psychological health. Brainspotting initiates the healing processes, consequently restoring homeostasis which was lost to trauma.

By accessing the deep subcortical brain and engaging structures involved in self-regulation, BSP can quickly release symptoms of trauma and bring a relief from the experience of psychological and often physical pain.

In a Brainspotting session, I use a pointer to find a relevant eye position for the client, called a brainspot. This eye position resonates with the client’s activation in the body while recalling a traumatic memory.

By gazing on the brainspot, the client will reach a naturally occurring state of focused mindfulness. The processing will continue until the trauma is resolved, and the brainspot can no longer trigger the activation.

The activation initially connected to a brainspot gradually decreases and often transforms into a positive experience, which can become a source of psychological resilience.

This process leads not only to the resolution of trauma, but also post-traumatic growth and expansion.

personal level.

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